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  • Xianglin Yang, Jin Song Dong.
    Exploring the Evolution of Hidden Activations with Live-Update Visualization. 2024 .
  • Xianglin Yang, Yun Lin, Yifan Zhang, Linpeng Huang, Jin Song Dong, Hong Mei.
    DeepDebugger: An Interactive Time-Travelling Debugging Approach for Deep Classifiers. ESEC/FSE 2023 .
  • Tianyuan Jin, Xianglin Yang, Xiaokui Xiao, Pan Xu.
    Thompson Sampling with Less Exploration is Fast and Optimal. ICML 2023 .
  • Ruofan Liu, Yun Lin, Xianglin Yang, Jin Song Dong.
    Debugging and Explaining Metric Learning Approaches: An Influence Function Based Perspective. NeurIPS 2022 .
  • Xianglin Yang, Yun Lin, Ruofan Liu, Jin Song Dong.
    Temporality Spatialization: A Scalable and Faithful Time-Travelling Visualization for Deep Classifier Training. IJCAI 2022 . [code] [website]
  • Ruofan Liu, Yun Lin, Xianglin Yang, Siang Hwee Ng, Dinil Mon Divakaran, Jin Song Dong.
    Inferring Phishing Intention via Webpage Appearance and Dynamics: A Deep Vision Based Approach. USENIX Security 2022 . [code] [website]
  • Xianglin Yang#, Yun Lin#, Ruofan Liu, Zhenfeng He, Chao Wang, Jin Song Dong, and Hong Mei.
    DeepVisualInsight: Time-Travelling Visualization for Spatio-Temporal Causality of Deep Classification Training. AAAI 2022. [oral presentation, 4.5%]. [paper] [video] [code] [website]

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